General Carbon Corporation

Adsorption Equipment

General Carbon manufactures a complete line of both liquid and vapor phase activated carbon adsorption equipment to meet your projects requirements.  Our inventory consists of a variety of adsorbers to accommodate a wide range of flow rates and applications.  In addition to our inventory of equipment, we offer custom fabrication to meet specific site needs, such as higher flow rates and pressures.  We offer various materials of construction suitable for most environments, along with ancillary components, such as pumps, fans, particulate filters, flow meters and piping for a turnkey solution.

Please contact 973-523-2223 or for more information.

Vapor Adsorption Equipment
The Air General
The General Radial
TV Adsorbers
Vapor Boxes
FS/FD Series
Sewer Pure
Vent Pure G
Vent Pure T
Dorex 2000S & 2000S2
Dorex 2000SH
Dorex 2000 & 2000H
GC VOC Saturation Indicator
GC Mercaptans and H2S Saturation Indicators
Air Pollution Control Barrels
Radial Flow Air Pollution Control Barrels
Air Pollution Control Barrels with Fans
Transportable Filters
High Flow Capacity Filters
HDPE Odor Control Systems with Bottom Fan
Single & Dual Bed Fiberglass Odor Control Units
Manhole Nuisance Odor Control Adsorbers
Vent Odor Control Filters
Vent Odor Control Filters
Side Access Panel Filters with Housing
Side Access Panel Filters Half Height with Housing
Front Access Panel Filters with Housing
Organic Vapor  Breakthrough Indicator
Mercaptan and H2S Breakthrough Indicators
Liquid Adsorption Equipment
The General
GC Bag Filter Housings

Water Pollution Control Barrels

Medium Pressure Liquid Adsorber
Fiberglass Pressure Adsorbers
Steel High Pressure Adsorbers
Liquid Phase Particulate Filtration

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