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General Carbon
General Carbon Corporation has been in the activated carbon and activated charcoal business for over 60 years. The company was originally founded and located in Brooklyn, NY. While there, the company provided carbon products to a wide variety of customers. One of the largest customers was the US Navy.

General Clarifier, as it was known then, supplied carbon in 5.2-pound bags for the nuclear submarine air filtration system. Other customers from the early days included powdered carbon for the recovery of solvents used in the dry-cleaning industry. Another customer was buying carbon packed in bags to add to their pet food to help eliminate “doggy bad breath.”

In the late 1980’s, current ownership took the reins of the company and moved it to its current location in Paterson, NJ. From this location, the company began to flourish. Ownership worked with new suppliers from around the world to expand the product line as ensure there was always enough material in stock.

Soon after, General Carbon began manufacturing its own line of drum-based filtration equipment. Those units are still offered today and can be adapted to most any situation or application. The staff at General Carbon grew as well to include people who had many years of experience in the activated carbon business.

Vapor phase activated carbon vessel being installed.

Our Future

General Carbon has grown from its original building to encompass nearly two city blocks currently. While we still have the occasional inquiry for the “submarine bags,” we are also on the cutting edge of new product development. We have already provided activated carbon media and systems for the removal of PFAS and PFOS contaminates as their removal has reached the critical stage. We will continue to work on this issue and look forward to the next challenge to solve.

With a solid supply chain in place and many years of successful activated carbon experience, General Carbon is positioned well for the future and beyond.

With over 60 years in the Activated Carbon Business, we can provide any technical advice needed. In addition, we also have the capability to service carbon systems on-site nationwide. This includes the removal and reactivation of the spent carbon as well as the recharging of the system with virgin or reactivated carbon.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about General Carbon Corporation. Contact our knowledgeable staff for your liquid phase activated carbonvapor phase activated carbon, and adsorption equipment needs by calling (973) 523-2223, emailing sales@generalcarbon.com, or using the contact form below for pricing and information.

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