Pulp & Paper Mills

Pulp and paper mills have a common problem throughout the entire industry. The manufacturing process creates an unwanted bi-product, Hydrogen Sulfide gas. As mentioned in other articles on our website, Hydrogen Sulfide, or the chemical formula H2S, is extremely dangerous to humans and very corrosive to equipment. Inhaling H2S has a long list of negative effects. In short, inhaling it at high concentrations can even cause death. Aside from being harmful to humans, it is very damaging to the control rooms holding the plant’s computers and monitors. Without the control room functioning properly, the whole plant is in danger.

To reduce wood chips to wood pulp you need to mix the chips with what is called white liquor and cook it at high temperatures. White liquor consists of a hot mixture of water, sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide. The white liquor and heat combination break the bond of the glue holding the wood chips together. The mix of the glue and the liquor creates a chemical reaction which releases Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptans.

The spent liquor is then sent to boilers to be reused. Through the process of extreme heat and oxidation, the white liquor is restored and may be used again to release the glue. The restoration process also releases steam containing H2S. Hydrogen Sulfide is highly corrosive to the control room equipment and can cause great damage.

General Carbon has years of experience in supplying Hydrogen Sulfide removal carbon to the Pulp and Paper industry. There has been much success using our IPH and Sulfursorb products made specifically to treat H2S and other acidic contaminants.

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