GC Spectrum XB-17

A 50/50 Blend of HS-600* And Activated Carbon

GC Spectrum XB-17 is a blended media of virgin activated carbon and GC HS-600 media. The HS-600 media alone will adequately control a large number of contaminates via adsorption and oxidation processes. However, there are applications where the chemical properties of the HS-600 and the adsorbent properties of activated carbon are both necessary for contaminate removal. A common example is where hydrocarbons are present with acidic gases. In this environment, the higher molecular weight hydrocarbons may cause desorption of the lower molecular weight acidic gases and thus limit HS-600’s effectiveness.

The follow is a partial listing of gases that can be controlled with GC Spectrum XB-17:


Reactivity with HS-600*

Acetic acid Rapidly
Acrolein Rapidly
Allyl chloride Rapidly
Butadiene Slowly
Butyric acid Slowly
Chloroform Rapidly
Chloropicrin Rapidly
Diethlamine Slowly
Dimethylamine Rapidly
Ethanol Rapidly
Ethyl acrylate Slowly
Hydrochloric acid Rapidly
Indole Slowly
Isoprene Rapidly
Isopropanol Rapidly
Methanol Rapidly
Methyl acrylate Rapidly
Methyl chloroform Rapidly
Methyl ethyl ketone Rapidly
Methyl mercaptan Rapidly
Nitrobenzene Slowly
Phenol Rapidly
Phosgene Slowly
Pyridine Slowly
Skatole Slowly
Toluene Slowly
Trichloroethylene Slowly

*HS-600 Contains 6% Potassium Permanganate (KMNO4)