GC Bonifibers

Oil Sorbent Media

GC Bonifibers™ are a particulate filter and coalescing/holding media for undissolved hydrocarbons. The distinctive construction of Bonifibers™ traps and holds emulsions and small particles. Melt spun from polyolefin, the fibers are composed solely of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen which makes them very oleophilic and hydrophobic. The individual fibers are very fine making the mass of interlocking Bonifibers™ very light (2 lbs./ft.3) with an appearance like cotton batting.

When Bonifibers™ are used in a packed column treatment system to treat an oil/water mixture, the interlocked fibers provide for the impingement of very small droplets of oil. As oil removal progresses, the spaces between the fibers are filled. The large volume of spaces in the Bonifibers™ results in a capacity of 25 pounds of oil per pound of fiber. Test results show large influent concentrations being reduced to the 5-PPM range making Bonifibers™ an excellent pretreatment for activated carbon.

General Carbon Corporation supplies Bonifibers™ in 55 gallon drum treatment units as well as bulk refill boxes. The drums are ready for use and have 1″ FNPT inlet/outlet connections. Maximum flow is 10 GPM (Downflow) with lower flow rates recommended for better removal efficiency. This filter can be a cost effective pretreatment for many GAC systems. If a larger flow rate system is needed, please contact our office for assistance.