GC Filtral

Activated Alumina For Fluoride And Heavy Metal Removal

GC Filtral is a granular activated alumina designed for the removal of lead, fluoride, chromium, zinc, iron, phosphates and other heavy metals from water. Highly adsorbent, the GC Filtral is able to adsorb as much as 1.4g fluoride per 100g alumina with less than 1 ppm fluoride evident in the water effluent. Conditioning of the GC Filtral with dilute aluminum sulfate prior to use greatly enhances performance. The adsorbent needs only to be contacted for one hour with 29g/L of aluminum sulfate (Al2(So4)3,18 H2O) solution and it is ready for use.

GC Filtral is available for sale in bulk or installed in any of our liquid-phase treatment units. These filters come complete with internal plumbing and are ready for installation.

Chemical Analysis

Weight %
Soda as Na2O: 0.4
Iron as Fe2O3: 0.015
Silicon as S102: 0.02
Titanium as TiO2: 0.002
Loss on Ignition (300-1100ºC) 5.5 – 6

Physical Properties

Bulk Density, g/cm3: 0.67
                  lbs./ft.3: 42
Specific Surface Area, m2/g: 350 – 380
Static Water Adsorption, %: 19 – 22


Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air causing a severe hazard to workers inside carbon vessels. Confined space/low oxygen procedures should be put in place before any entry is made. Such procedures should comply with all applicable Local, State and Federal guidelines.

Cation & Anion Adsorption List

Cations Anions
Thorium (+2) OH (-1)
Aluminium (+3) A5O4 (-3)
Uranium (+4) PO4 (-3)
Zirconium (+2) C2O4 (-2)
Cerium (+4) F (-1)
Iron (+3) SO3 (-2)
Cerium (+3) Fe(CN)6 (-4)
Titanium (+3) CrO4 (-2)
Mercury (+2) S2O3 (-2)
Uranium Oxide (+2) SO4 (-1)
Lead (+2) Fe(CN)6 (-3)
Copper (+2) Cr2O7 (-2)
Silver NO2
Zinc (+2) CNS (-1)
Cobalt (+2) I (-1)
Iron (+2) BR (-1)
Nickel (+2) Cl (-1)
Thallium (+1) NO3 (-1)
Manganese (+2) MnO4 (-1)
  ClO4 (-1)
  CH3COO (-1)
  S2 (-1)