General Carbon Corporation


Impregnated Activated Carbon for the treatment of H2S in low Oxygen Streams.

GC ICO is a copper oxide impregnated catalytic activated carbon manufactured from selected blend of micronized coal and extruded into 4mm diameter pellets to minimize carbon bed pressure drop. This product fully conforms to physical, performance, and leachability requirements established by the current ANSI/AWWA B604 standard.

Specially formulated for vapor phase applications to target hydrogen sulfide and low molecular weight organic sulfur compounds from gas streams containing little or no oxygen.

Pellet Diameter, mm: 3.9-4.1
Mean Particle Diameter, mm: 4.0
Moisture, % (as packed) 5 (max)
BET Surface Area, m2g*: 950 (typical)
Iodine No., mg/g*: 950 (typical)
CTC,%: 60 (typical)
pH: 9-11
Ball Pan Hardness, %: 95 (min)
Apparent Density, lbs/cuft: 30-32
                                                 g/cc: .48-.51
Copper Oxide, by weight 5% (7.5 and 10% available upon request)
H2S Capacity: 50% w/w2

*Standard packaging is in 55lb and 1,100lb vinyl bags. Other packaging is available upon request with an additional cost. 

Base feedstock before catalytic agent is applied. Measured values will be lower following chemical impregnation.

*Based on density of .48g/cc

Safety Advice: Wet activated Carbon Scavenges oxygen.  Exercise Caution when changing media vessels and working in areas with poor ventilation. Ensure adequate ventilation for person safety.