General Carbon Corporation


Impregnated Activated Carbon

GC IT is a coconut shell based activated carbon specifically impregnated with triethylene-diamine for the removal of radioactive gases including methyl iodide. TEDA content can be adjusted to meet various requirements.

Carbon Substrate (Typical)

Mesh Size: 8×16 (min)
Greater than No. 8, %: 5 (max)
Less than No. 16, %: 5 (max)
CCl4 Activity, %: 60 (min)
Iodine , %: 1200 (min)
Hardness, %: 98 (min)
Ash Content, %: 4 (max)

Impregnated Carbon

TEDA Content, %: 2 – 5
Typical Density, lbs./ft.3: 33 – 38
                            g/cc: 0.54 – 0.58
Moisture, % (as packaged):    15 (max)

*Standard packaging is in 200 lb. fiber drums. Other packaging is available upon request.


Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air causing a severe hazard to workers inside carbon vessels. Confined space/low oxygen procedures should be put in place before any entry is made. Such procedures should comply with all applicable Local, State, and Federal guidelines.